The Lion’s Story

The people of Africa represent approximately 15% of the world population but the only account for 1 to 2% of the entire content ever published on the Internet. We see this as a shocking fact and we want to change that.

Until the Lions tell their tale, the story of the Hunt will always glorify the hunter. In this African proverb the lion is considered to be the king of the jungle and the most powerful animal. Hunters often have great stories to tell, stories that emphasize their achievements hunting skills. But even though people often praise the hunters celebrate her exploits and retell the stories they are also aware that they will never know all that goes on in the Forest. No matter in what circumstances the lion is killed the hunter will always tell a story that makes him shine.

We are here to tell the lion’s story we are the lion’s voice, in this world of western propaganda, news and media domination we want to represent African and Pan African opinions.

Throughout history we have been silenced in many ways, but we have a clear strategy on how to defend and protect, represent and propagate African culture and art, products content and information. It is not just about giving a voice, it is about enabling dialogue, triggering conversations and liberating freedom of speech from the bottom up, we want to revolutionize the way African media, entertainment and technology is consumed. Our mission to provide services for a web-enabled Africa, a unique web-experience lead by no one and shaped by everyone.

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