How To Make It In Africa

This is easier said than done, since a business model can not be transferred to another market without taking into consideration the local needs and behaviours of customers, but it is a pretty good way to start.

The more countries interact with each other, the more they influence each other. It explains why we are increasingly living in a homogenic global society where simple needs like food, transportation, housing or clothing are very similar all over the world.

Now consider the fact that you know your country and therefore its demographic better than anybody from the outside, and you will see that you are off for a good start. Do your research, look at cultural and societal trends. What are the tendencies on a global scale? Wherever a problem has been solved, how did they solve it? Look at the big picture, the needle on the success barometer points towards a sharing economy, mobile payments, the rise of the gig workforce, all or most of those business models are probably coming to your country sooner or later.

You are in a very good position to understand how to implement them. Here is a list of things to do and consider.