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The African Dream Realised…

… Or The Tail Of A Successful Billionaire.

This story will help you understand the different aspects of StartUp development, funding and growth.
It often starts with a problem, leads to a solution and culminates in a vision, a startup that solves the issue once and for all.

Africa is full of needs and who is better placed to solve them than a young African like yourself?

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The Lion’s Story

The people of Africa represent approximately 15% of the world population but the only account for 1 to 2% of the entire content ever published on the Internet. We see this as a shocking fact and we want to change that. Until the Lions tell their tale, the story of the Hunt will always glorify…

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3 Little Global Problems That Were First Solved In Africa

Do it the African way! As the speed at which innovation impacts humanity as a whole continues to increase, we decided to look at Africa and find out what inventions where adopted by other continents after having a major impact on the motherland. Here are our Top 5 By voting you take your favourite invention…

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10 Lions: The Greatest African Presidents

We’ve had very bad leadership in Africa, like every other continent, our history is full of unpleasant episodes. Some presidents created horrible leadership vacuums and sucked entire generations into deep black wholes. But Africa is probably the best inspiration for what leadership means in the 21st century. Why? This list speaks for itself.

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The Fastest Tribe In The World

When Greek soldier Pheidippides was sent from the battlefield of Marathon to Athens to deliver a message of victory to the assembly, he could never have imagined that thousands of years later people would be running the same distance (42,195km) in commemoration of his prowess. Nour could he have imagined that the best runners and…

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African Lifestyles Inc.

We are one of you, part of one Africa, with many lifestyles and tastes, colors and tastes. To survive in the digital age, we need new tools, tools that allow us to create, share and inspire. What we care about is the stuff you dream of. So… whats the plan? We came up with something…

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